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     These include favorite items that belonged to-or were used by the deceased, can provide comfort as well as a subject for conversation during the visitation,  They reflect upon the life of the person- telling a story of who they were, what they loved to do- the things they made,etc.


#2720                    The following photos give some examples: The deceased was an organist in her church. Her favorite  Hymn was" How Great Thou Art", these musical pages were reduced and laminated and became the focal point of her casket spray.  The flowers used included those she grew in her garden, 6 Red Roses symbolized the number of her children and 9 Pink Roses, her grandchildren. Co-ordinating  casket Lid Piece was symbolic of her Great- grandchildren




#2732                     " A Tribute to a John Deere Farmer"- a model John Deere tractor, hit and miss farm engine, corn sheller and sheave of wheat became the focal point.  Summer field flowers and greens, including sunflowers, zinnias, coneflowers, liatris, delphinium, bells of Ireland, millet, grasses, hosta leaves, and sprengeri, completed the design.

#2701                     This lovely lady was an incredible cook and baker- she was famous for delicious and beautifully decorated cookies!  We used her Flour sifter, spoons, and numerous cookie cutters in her spray,  The flower colors reflected those in the beautiful dress she wore.

#2703                    Co-ordinating piece from her grandchildren including her measuring cup and additional cookie cutters.


#2297                       A Tribute to an Outdoor Enthusiast who loved to hunt and fish. A bronze bust of a Buck, which belonged to him, as well as a fishing pole and numerous fishing lures he had made, arranged with greenery and wildflowers created a scene of true peace and tranquillity.


#2505                      For a Lady who lived a long and productive life.  A homemaker who lived on a farm, loved to can fruits and veggies-make jam and jelly- and loved the harvest season!  Ironically, she passed away during her favorite time of the year.  All of this was reflected in her casket spray- her favorite fruits, indian corn, the flowers she loved, and colors of the harvest season.

 #2503                   The co-ordinating family flowers also told the story of her life.

# 2502              Another family flowers piece.

# 2504                  This arrangement was set in a hollowed- out white pumpkin grown on the family farm.

     #DSCN 2572  For a True Horsemen

  #2572                    For a True Horseman- A Blue ribbon won by the deceased and several items he used in caring for his beloved horse companions, became the focal point.

 # 2574                  Co-ordinating Lid Piece was built upon a Horse Comb.


#2646                      To Honor Another Hunter-     The focal point was was a set of antlers- A trophy the hunter mounted himself.

# 2552                     For yet Another Farmer-- We used his favorite " Toy Tractor".

# 2555                    For recreation, he loved to play cards- as reflected in the arrangement from his Grandchildren.


#2978                                   Farm Theme- Featuring a  John Deere Combine & several of the crops grown on the family farm- cabbage, corn, pumpkins, & wheat.        

#2990                                                          This  Lady colllected Lighthouses & Angels- two of which are featured in this design with summer garden flowers.

#2997                                             For a Handyman- Actual tools that he used are included in this design of bright fall colors, accented with wheat. His bue work shirt is draped over the end of the casket. 

#2946                                           A Final Tribute- to a lovely lady who lost a courageous fight with breast cancer! Pink lilies, gerbera daisies,roses,lisiantams, stocks wax flower& gienestra complete the design.

#2956                                            A Military Tribute in red white and blue- roses, iris, gerbera daisies, delphinium, stocks,"monte            cassino" asters.

#2923                                             Tribute to a loyal U of M fan! Casket was draped with his U of M flag- Flowers featured are a variety of dark blue and yellow.

#2921,  #2922,  #2930, #2931                           Co-ordinaing family flowers created a impressive display!   




#2925                                             Tribute to a lady who loved Cristmas, the color Pink- Music, and feeding her Black Swans!

#2936 & #2938                         For another lady who loved Pink- Lilies, roses, stocks, heather,waxflower.